An accidental experience expert ...

It was on the last day of my holiday that I broke my neck while diving in the river. Which was better than it happening on the first day. But still ... I was eighteen and the world was at my feet. My life was just getting started and suddenly it seemed to be over. No more skiing, no more parties, no more culinary school.

"Adapting to a new situation takes time. Two important tools are the support and accessibility of your environment."

But I never stopped travelling. It’s what makes me tick. Especially now that I can travel alongside my wife, my son and my daughter. I remained a bon vivant and grew into an entrepreneur. My mission is to bring carefree travel to people with a permanent or temporary physical disability and to eliminate any hurdles from within the travel industry.

"A lot can be done, with some good will, common sense and cooperation."

I am fully committed to more accessible tourism. Because it is necessary, and because it is possible. To do so, I team up with my professional staff and with enthusiastic tour operators, travel agencies, transport companies, hotel managers, B&B owners and owners of youth hostels and other group accommodation.

"Accessibility starts with awareness and a practical step-by-step approach."

I like to share what I know, as an inspiration for what can be achieved with more accessibility and openness. And through several of my own initiatives, I make sure that things run as smoothly as possible.


Travel agency, tour operator and consultant for accessible sunny holidays, city trips, cruises, etc.

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Kompaan vzw

Matchmaking disabled travellers with competent voluntary assistants.

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Ballonvaren is voor iedereen

An unforgettable, comfortable maiden flight for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.

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