From small town Wiekevorst to Dubai.

Lectures, consultancy and training

My enthusiasm for accessible travel really knows no bounds. This is because the need is so great, and the impact so profound, and because travelling is relaxing and broadens your horizons. In 2014, I gave my first lecture at the Destinations For All congress in Montreal. I haven’t stopped sharing since then. And listening, of course.

Looking for an engaging lecturer, good tailor-made advice, a sparring partner, a concrete step-by-step plan or a reliable test approach?


Kristof narrates.

And answers all of your questions

With the slogan 'Travel is for everyone', my team and I want to inform and raise awareness among as many people as possible, both those in the target group and all other possible parties that are involved in and around the tourism sector.

Do you want to organise an inspiring lecture for your organisation, company or association?

What do I need from you? An audience, an accessible location and fair compensation. You can leave the rest to us in good conscience.


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Coaching for reservation staff, receptionists, marketers and managers

An accessible travel experience covers accommodation, transfers and activities without limits. But mindset and attitude are also key factors. I will coach you towards providing a more complete service and a warm welcome. Together we will prep you to tackle any special challenge or request.

  • A full day of training, with lunch break
  • For 10 to 15 people

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Customised advice

Personal support.

A thorough analysis, coaching and a marketing plan

Do you have specific concerns or challenges? Do you need an audit, personal guidance or communication advice? Through a unique consultancy programme I will guide you towards more accessibility and more satisfied customers.

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An awareness session for 20 to 25 people

What are the building blocks for an accessible and carefree holiday or trip? How do you reach future customers within the disability community?

  • Introductory conversation to define the scope of the presentation
  • One day, comprising two sessions of two hours each
  • The structure of the session:
  • Introduction
  • Accessible travel from start to finish
  • Customer friendliness for persons with a disability
  • Marketing

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Reviews tell the tale.

Invite five overnight guests to test your accommodation

"The only way to find out
if something works is to try it."

  • I will engage five overnight guests to test your accommodation
  • We will go through the entire booking process twice using different profiles. This will include an interview with a care butler
  • I will write down the experiences of the five test sleepers
  • Including the booking process and their overnight stay
  • You will receive an evaluation and recommendations

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