There are fifty million potential customers in Europe with a disability or additional needs.

Are you ready to accommodate them?

For people with a physical disability, there is nothing quite as rewarding as a carefree holiday. I speak from personal experience. After having steadily improved my own accessible travel experience for years, I decided to help others to push the boundaries as well. My goal is to not only make the travel dreams of people within the disability community come true, but also those of their partners, children, family, friends and colleagues.

A travel or transport professional who looks and acts beyond limitations makes all the difference to customers.

I enjoy sharing my experience and know-how about accessible travel, and helping to spread this knowledge. Because radical and long-lasting changes call for crossover and partnerships.

My story

How I became an expert due to my own experiences and why I do what I do.

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Lectures, raising awareness, training, testing processes and customised advice.

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Out-of-the-ordinary trips and balloon flights, matchmaking travellers with assistance.

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Contribute to more accessible tourism and ensure higher customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Be mindful of possible problems and opportunities
  • Seek support through advice, training and/or coaching
  • Discover practical solutions
  • Customise your accommodation or service
  • Ensure a proper welcome and efficient service
  • Communicate openly and honestly with the target group
  • Ensure a lasting effect, as part of a new mindset